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January 16, 2006



Wonderful sermon! It also reminds me of Christ own humanity, in that he also lived in the desert. How lucky we are to have a savior who can relate to our needs and who has mercy on us although we do not deserve his compassion!


Hi Corey,

Just want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey. I wish you safety and a swift journey home. Serve us well, and drink lots of water.(hehe)


I've very much enjoyed your writing, and our family continues to pray for all those deployed. As I prepare myself to somewhat follow your deployment journey, leaving soon for Ft Shelby, and then to Afghanistan for a year, your postings have helped me tremendously. Leaving my wife and 4 boys for an extended period will no doubt be extremely difficult (even after having done this military thing for 18 years), knowing God leads us on journeys for His glory sometimes unknown why to us)is comforting. Thanks.


Salvation is always the ending of the minds fascinated identification with the dead and unchanging image of what it was. It is the complete reversal of the
"natural" order of things a METANOIA - the Greek word for repentance, meaning precisely a turning around of the mind, so that it no longer faces into the past, the land of the shadow of death, but into the Eternal Present.
So long as the mind is captivated by memory, and really feels itself to be that past image which is "I" it can do nothing to save itself; it's sacrifices are of no avail, and it's Law gives no life.
After years of therapy, I had a metamorphosis - I asked Jesus to have mercy on me & forgive me my sins. He delivered me from my inequities. Praise the Lord!!
Peace Be With You

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