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May 03, 2006



OMG - as I read this, I got chills! My chills got chills! you had no way of knowing it, but for the past year, I've been fervently taking care of an "adopted" platoon with the 108th AR!!!! They were at Scania (when they werent' stationed at Relay Post 5) - you probably bumped into them I'm sure!!!!!!! OMG - how bizarre -- I've poured my heart & soul into taking care of my 108th AR "babies" - and spent a great deal of time reading your blog and praying for y'all A LOT - never knowing that Y'ALL are the ones taking my local heroes' places, allowing them to come back home!


What can i say but thank you. Will keep you in prayer as I welcome home all my soldiers in the next couple weeks...we're taking a few out to dinner!!!!!!!! :)

And if you need snail mail, or anyone needs snail-mail - please let me know. Now the "connection" i felt to y'all's group is even stronger than before - i wanna help however I can.


Dear Pastor,
Please forgive my sin today. I have hatred in my heart. I miss every one of our men and women lost, and today they gave Mousaoui off the hook with life. I am so angry, I don't how know to do anything but cry.

I know it is a sin to be angry, but is this righteous anger? Or is it anger that we will not kill him because he had a bad childhood? That's why. Because of his childhood.

Even writing it makes me angrier. What can I do? I want to stay angry. That is why I haven't prayed about it. I guess in a way that is why I am reaching out to you with tears rolling down my face.

How do I ask I for prayer after the post you just wrote! That is selfish. I will pray for all of you, as I do everyday. Please be in God's hands. I pray you continue to feel His Peace, His Love, His Strength, and win the victory. In Jesus' precious name I pray. Amen.


Happy National Prayer Day!

Sorry about yesterday. I sure hope I didn't bring you down.

If it will help, you did help me. Just knowing you are a man of God and I could talk to you, made me feel a touch better. Thank you. ;)

Trish Benefield, Rome, GA

God Bless you for recognizing OUR guys/girls of the 48th/108th - and may He keep you forever safe in your journey!!

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