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October 03, 2006


Judy Schletty

Dear Pastor, I like this last entry and yes, it is tough to be away from your children. I had the misfortunate of being unable to have children though. Instead of delivery rooms, we were in emergency rooms, my husband fighting for his life. Then I walked alongside him as he was wheeled to surgical suites at least three times a year. Unfortunately, our marriage didn't survive, but I hope and pray all of your marriages do survive even though you are apart.
I pray we all can find good in every day no matter where we are. Watched a talk show recently. Story of a woman who was wrongly convicted of a crime and sentenced to life. Her family never gave up, and after 8 years her conviction got overturned. While she said she was in an impossible situation in prison, she did see some light as other prisoners did her chores so she could work on her case. I hope all of your families and friends are helping your families as becoming a single parent is not an easy thing to do.


Very encouraging. Thank you.

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