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February 01, 2007



Thanks for the wise words for all of our "somedays." And I'm glad you are one day closer.



We are praying for you during this time of seperation from your family. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you. Your words have once again touched my heart. I thank the Lord that He is using you to touch not only those you serve with in the field, but those who are fortunate enough to come across this blog. Thank you.


Your words are always such a blessing. This particular post spoke volumes to me, and was exactly the encouragement I needed to hear!
Thank you! And, as always, we continue to hold all of you and your families in prayer.

Kat in GA: A Soldiers' Angel

((hugs)) Y'all are in our prayers...keep yer eye on the mail... Two boxes of goodies heading your way....


Dear Chaplain, Wish I were a good cook. Me thinks desert sand would be better than my cookies! Somebody said don't send homemade cookies and somebody else said that they send rice krispie bars. What's the rule?
Will be a frigid weekend here in Minnesota. Even too cold for sliding. We're all stocking up on groceries, picking up movies, and planning to watch superbowl Sunday.
Thanks for your great posts. I won't give up. I won't give up.


Dear Pastor,
Sent this most recent blog to my best friend from childhood who is burying her brother this morning at the St. Paul Seminary (St. Mary's Chapel on the campus of St. Thomas College)where he worked. Years ago he studied to become a priest, but due to health problems, he wasn't able to become a monk. Thank you for your comforting words. Will especially try to offer up my prayers and works for you all and my friend's brother and family today, too. God bless you. Judy and Todd's Uncle Randy

David M

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Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody on whom I have no claim.--William Feather.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Amy Hedman

Pastor Corey-
How blessed the soldiers are to have you among their midst, spreading the Gospel and living out God's Word. You are in my prayers and thoughts and I do hope you are able to return home soon to your beloved Bev and family. In the meantime, may God renew your hope daily and warmly shine upon you. Indeed, He is certainly shining IN you!!! I so admire your service and thank God for you and your work for the Kingdom of God!

Even though the journey's long
And I know the road is hard
Well, the One who's gone before me
He will help me carry on
After all that I've been through
Now I realize the truth
That I must go through the valley
To stand upon the mountain of God.
-Third Day

May the Lord bless you and keep you... safe until your "someday" arrives, 'praying it is soon-
Amy Hedman, MN


Dear Pastor Corey, Just read some of your old posts. Your story about Scott, reminded me of a story our pastor told us about one of his childhood friends. The guys always called him "Nelson." He was highly intelligent. Had offers to attend college all over the country and Father Hose considered him his best friend. They liked to go to the music store and listen to records and Father said that he became interested in music because of his friend. Eventually, Father's family moved back to Puerto Rico, so he lost touch with his friend. As the years went by Father learned that Nelson had gotten involved in drugs and that it had worsened his health. Then right after Father was ordained a priest and assigned to a parish out West, he was told that his friend, Nelson, passed away, a result of his drug use (Aids). His family called Father and asked him to do the funeral, and this was the first funeral Father ever did. And now I cannot help but think that that is why we have Father Hose as our pastor in our parish on the edge of the Little Earth housing project for Native Americans in the inner city of Minneapolis. He seems to have an innate ability to get into our skin, as you do, and sees the good in all of us, no matter what, and I know all of us consider ourselves very blessed. God be with you now and may He continue to be with you, and all our troops when you get home.


My prayers are with you all. My man just got back from his 2nd tour there and was just notified he has to turn around and go back for a 3rd one. I keep the faith in all will keep safe.

Karen I.

Thank you for being their for our troops and people who read you online.


Dear Chaplain:
I woke this morning with the words "You're one day closer to Home" in my mind so I googled and found you. Your words are really appropriate just lost my dad last month (5/21/07) on my sister's birthday. He was a believer but I'm still trying to deal with the loss. About finding Hope for discouragement. Take courage. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ who is the God of Hope. May He fill us with all joy and peace as we trust in Him....


My 9-year-old daughter and 6-1/2 year old son and I would like to make and send you and your troop some cookies. How do we do it? Please let me know.

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