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April 27, 2007



Coming out of lurkdom to say how much I like your blog.

I will hold your words "Our job on this earth is to fight back death. The spiritual death, the death of happiness for our neighbors, and the un-timely physical death of all people, each are enemies we must face. This is the standard by which we measure a day at war. Perhaps, it should be the constant standard. So, today I say this. It was a good day. No souls lost." in my heart today.

Keep posting.

soldiers angel karin in tx

I love reading your blog, too and amen to the above posted comment! May God bless and keep you all until you come safely home!

David M

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This sounds like quite a valuable lessons. I remember right after 9/11/2001, everything seemed so petty. There were no political parties, no difference in origin, no differences period. We were all Americans, and that was something to be proud of in itself. Then came the politicians...and it's gone back to normal...or worse. Hang in there! You are doing well. :)

Lori Borgeson

I read this blog to my students in St Paul, MN. They were arguing about Randy Moss being traded to the Patriots and it sounded so trivial! I hope it got them to think that there are more important things in life!

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