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April 28, 2007


Chaplain Shirley Johnson

Oh,...the memories. My mom's call was the two-fingers in the mouth WHISTLE. Every kid in the county would go home!
I am a full-time nurse and volunteer chaplain at our hospital in Mississippi. Thank you for the inspiration you give and know you have prayers coming from all over.

Judy Schletty

My mother and father would take turns yelling my name to come home for supper, too, when I was a child, who was more interested playing hide and seek, or midnight ghost with the neighborhood kids in St. Paul's Midway district which was just a stone's throw from Hamline University.
Nowadays, I hear more parents say that they don't let their kids play outside unsupervised. I guess we were pretty fortunate back in the 50's.
Sunday at Mass our pastor talked about the Good Shepherd, too. Our readings, Father said, give us a vision of the possibility of the reign of God. We have the vision to make it a possibility here because the seeds are there. Then, what was a voice of fear, becomes the voice of Jesus among us and hope. We recognize His voice and respond to his call.
I hope you all hear the voice of Jesus wherever you are.
God bless. Judy

Dave Todd

let this small voice say thank you chaplain, bless you and our outstanding troops, from a fortunate american brother.Awsome site thank for the lift,hope it spreads.

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