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June 23, 2007


Judy Schletty

I remember I didn't wait for a soldier whom I was kind of, sort of, going with when he was in Vietnam. But even if I had waited for him, don't think it would have worked. Too many differences between us.
If any of our soldiers experience a loss in a relationship while they've been gone, maybe it is just as well. Allow yourself time to grieve though. Sometimes, however, with a little forgiveness, relationships are restored. I will say special prayers for all our soldiers who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships due to their military service overseas. A depressive reaction due to a loss is a terrible disease. Like thick, day old black coffee, burnt out and scummy.

Peace, love, and prayers from us all. Stay strong!

Judy and Chap. Todd's Uncle Randy

David M

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Wise words for all of us who will be welcoming home those who have served in Iraq and elsewhere. I pray that we my be the listening ears that Christ calls us to be, so that we can faithfully serve those who have served so many.

Thanks for this post!

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