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June 15, 2007



Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. If you leave home for a week on a brief vacation it seems like it takes two weeks to get back on schedule. You guys haven't been on a vacation and you have been gone a long time. Give yourselves an adjustment time and slow down for a bit then gradually get back into the routine.

For the parents if their son had been in college and came home after a year he would be different. He has been gone for over a year in a combat area, he probably will be a different than the kid that left. Different doesn't mean broken. Give him time to adjust to being around civilians and being home.
Give yourself time to get to know each other again. We're all looking forward to you coming home.

MissBirdlegs in AL

I'm familiar with the acronym you shouldn't use. :) Thanks for the time you've put in these blogs during this deployment. I've really appreciated them. My best to you, your soldiers and your families on your redeployment. Praying that all goes well and thank you all for your service - 'speshly that unexpected extended time.


Dear Pastor,
Happy Father's Day! It is good to hear that you are stronger than those in the media, but then again, that wouldn't take too much, would it? lol. I stopped watching TV years ago. Especially the dinosaur news. :)

Have a wonderful day, and may God bless you.

Kat in GA: A Soldiers' Angel

Yep, happy father's day!!!

Hang in there.... not much longer now. We're all so proud of you, your soldiers, and your families!!! :)


As a wife, that had a lot of anxiety over a reintergration after an 18 month separation due to deployment.

The anxiety, although REAL...well it turns out I just had so many expectations for myself, that I was wanting the PERFECT reunion etc.

Ladies, I promise he will not notice if the blinds have been scrubbed, or curtains taken down washed and pressed...

They just want to be home....

and I promise you will be the prettiest thing he has seen in months...

David M

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