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June 18, 2007


Kat in GA: A Soldiers' Angel

That is MOST excellent news indeed!!! Please do post the info for your replacement! :)

And I hope you'll keep blogging, too! :)

David M

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Wonderful news! Wishing you a speedy and safe trip home:)
And Thank YOU, both for your service, and for the many inspiring and uplifting words you have shared with us here.


How wonderful to hear! I pray you have a wonderful life in Christ, thanks so much for the encouragement. Your words made my mountains climb-able......byebye

Judy Schletty

Your words were a mountain-top experience! If you are back on American soil, I imagine you are all happy to be here (the title of one of Garrison Keillor's books). I'm sure you have much work to do. Welcome home. After you get home would be interested in hearing stories about your reunions.

All the best,
Judy and Uncle Randy Luken


So happy to hear of you coming home - God bless in ALL your journeys!!

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