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June 05, 2007


Judy Schletty

Dear Pastor,

My companion (Chaplain Todd's Uncle Randy) and I just returned from a short vacation. I think I had some sort of block, too, because we saw at least 6 or 7 soldiers in uniform at the airport, and a couple of them sat across from us. (Randy had to take their seat because it was more accessible.) While I wanted to say something to our soldiers to boost their morale, I was overwhelmed and could not think of anything to say. Maybe the picture of the young lady crying, and kissing her husband or boyfriend good bye at the airport, clammed me up. No words for that picture (sweet sorrow).

Glad you are on the home stretch.
God bless. Will be happy when you all are able to get some rest and luxuriate in the love of friends and family. God bless the brave soldiers who made the the ultimate sacrifice. I know I can say for all of us that we'll be there for their friends and family. So long, Amigo.


"It's not the age, babe, it's the mileage" Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Good to have you writing again. Kay

David M

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Nancy A Comparan

my ears are on chaplain and I hear you! I`m glad your ok!

debi s

GOd Bless you Chaplain........
your reward is ahead
stay safe sir


It has always made me feel awkward, because I don't know to say this but, "Thank God for God!"

I am glad to finally hear from you, and I am glad you are doing well. We will continue to pray for you all the way home. :)


I too am glad you are alright and "batting in the bottom of the 9th". My wife's cousin, Andrew, was hit by a roadside bomb over there a couple weeks ago. He's alright but with two less legs. After that incident, this war came painfully close for the first time. Take care and I wish you the best. May God grant you a speedy and safe return.

Heidi H

Corey it's great to see you posting again. Somehow your writer's block comments reminded me of a current popular song by JoDee Messina entitled "My Give-a-damn's Busted". I KNOW your give-a-damn is definitely not busted because I know YOU, but for the record--you're entitled to have it bust every now and then.
God bless you; your rest is coming soon...

Kat in GA: A Soldiers' Angel

*sigh* - i can relate - i've got writer's block, too - real bad! hate it....

Hang in there!

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